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Thompson, CT

J&D provides civil engineering services for a wide range of residential construction projects. We have experience with projects of all sizes, including single family houses, multi-family houses, and even large subdivisions. We can provide you with the design and permitting of:

  • Septic Systems
    • Survey of property, draft the plan, and evaluate alternate designs
    • Design of septic system including elevations at tank and leaching field
    • Design of pump chamber if required
    • Ensure compliance with the Health Code
    • Very familiar with new construction, repair, and expansion of septic systems
  • House or Building Construction
    • Perform grading and design drainage
    • Design driveways and determine sightlines
    • Ensure compliance with local zoning regulations
    • Design erosion control measures
    • Draft plans and provide construction details
  • Simple Structures
    • Design of retaining walls, beams, columns, etc.

Residential Project List

  • Site Plan for Septic System Repair – Thompson, CT
    • Performed all engineering for septic system repair on Quaddick Reservoir
  • Site Plan for New Home Construction – Putnam, CT
    • Performed all engineering for a new house, septic, driveway, and pool
  • Marianapolis Monastery – Thompson, CT
    • Designed a large multifamily septic system
  • Fox Grove Condos – Putnam, CT
    • 18 unit condominium association
    • Performed all site engineering and permitting, including road and drainage design
  • Brookside Estates – Killingly, CT
    • 20 lot subdivision
    • Performed all site engineering, including road and drainage design and sewer connections