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Thompson, CT

The Anya Restaurant – Site Design by J & D Civil Engineers

Our Company

J & D Civil Engineers, LLC is a small civil engineering firm located in the northeast corner of Connecticut. Founded by Janet in 1986, J & D has been performing civil engineering and surveying in the area for over 35 years. Our goal is to provide timely and affordable engineering services for your development and construction projects, resulting in a design that looks good and performs better.

Our Strengths

The biggest strengths of J & D Civil Engineers are our small size and close location. Our small size means that phone calls and emails are answered by a licensed engineer or surveyor. It means that we work one-on-one with our clients, from the beginning of the project until the last t is crossed. It also means that we are emotionally invested in seeing your project be successful. Here at J&D we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service.

The vast majority of our projects are located in the Quiet Corner, especially in Thompson, Putnam, Woodstock, and Killingly. This means that we know exactly where your address is, and what challenges are present in your landscape. This means that we are intimately familiar with the local regulations and regulatory staff. And since we all live in the same community, it means that we are dedicated to assisting development in an attractive and responsible manner that benefits us all.

Our Services

J & D Civil Engineers provides civil engineering and surveying services to a wide range of clients including individuals, small and large businesses, and even municipalities. Our projects vary in size, from small projects such as residential driveway or septic system designs, to fairly large projects such as large subdivisions or industrial parks. If you live in the Quiet Corner, then you have probably used a bathroom that drained into one of our septic systems, taken your children to of our playgrounds, or driven through one of our parking lots. Look through our website for more detailed information on the services that J&D provides. Currently we are licensed to perform engineering and surveying in Connecticut.