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As built surveying of a large septic system

There are a number of different classes of surveys, and we have experience performing all of them.  The price of the survey depends on the required accuracy class and the size, shape, and field conditions of the property. Some of the most common surveying services that J & D provides are described below.

Survey Types

  • Boundary/Property Surveys – Class A-2
    • The most accurate class of survey, but also the most expensive
    • This class is required to set permanent property corners (iron rods, drill holes, etc.)
    • This class is required to modify or create property lines.
  • Topographic Surveys – Class T-2
    • This class is necessary for most types of engineering
    • It is used for the design of septic systems, driveways, roads, drainage, etc.
  • General Location Surveys – Class B
    • This class is usually required to get a zoning permits for various construction projects
    • It shows the general location of existing and proposed features – buildings, paving, decks, walls, etc
    • It is used to show that the proposed construction conforms to local zoning regulations such as building setbacks
  • As Built Surveys – usually Class B
    • This type of survey is used to located recently built structures
    • It is often required in order to prove that the structure was built in the correct location
  • Construction Staking and Layout
    • This type of survey is used to show an excavator or contractor where to perform work
  • Flood Elevation Certificates and Letters of Map Amendment
    • This type of survey is used to remove flood insurance requirements from a structure or property
  • Boundary Staking
    • This type of survey is used to recover existing property corners, or show the approximate location of property lines in the field


Survey Project List

  • Pond Restoration – Woodstock, CT
    • Performed topographic and wetlands survey for pond improvements
  • Putnam Municipal Complex
    • Performed Class A-2 boundary sruvey
    • Performed topographic survey for design and construction
    • Construction staking and layout for site contractor
  • Lot 53, Green Island, in Quaddick Reservoir – Thompson, CT
    • Performed a topographic survey to design a new house and septic system
  • Hale YMCA – Putnam, CT
    • Performed a boundary and topographic survey of the 15 acre property
    • Responsible for construction layout of foundation columns, parking lots, roads, and drainage
  • Justice Resource Institute (JRI) Susan Wayne Center – Thompson, CT
    • Performed various boundary and topographic surveys
    • Performed construction layout for a new gymnasium, including pinning of base plates for steel erection
  • Quinebaug Regional Technology Park – Putnam, CT
    • Surveyed 65 acres of land to Class A-2 standards
    • Prepared plans, deed descriptions, and set property corners
    • Assisted the town with acquisition of the parcel and upgraded the survey to ALTA standards
  • Killingly High School – Killingly, CT
    • Performed a boundary survey of 4 contiguous parcels of land totaling 130 acres
    • Performed a detail survey of Route 12 for sewer installation