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Putnam River Trail – Phase 1

The design of the Putnam River Trail incorporated LID drainage techniques and saving of specimen trees. We also designed a creative yet inexpensive and practical solution to convert the existing truck bridge into a pedestrian and bicycle safe bridge. The solution included attaching chain link fence fabric to the existing bridge structure, applying a non-slip surface coating to the deck and covering the bridge deck openings with pressure treated lumber. Reuse of the existing bridge allowed connection to the trail on YMCA land west of the Quinebaug River and resulted in considerable savings over construction of a new bridge.

Farmers Market to truck bridge – 2000 feet – $240,000.00

Existing truck bridge converted to pedestrian bridge

One of DEEP’s conditions to release the land for construction of the new bridge over the Quinebaug River to provide access to the YMCA and Tech Park lots was providing river access.

J & D was able to meet this condition by incorporating the design of a car top boat launch, ADA accessible parking area, and fishing access into the trail plans while coordinating with DEEP fisheries.

Putnam River Trail – Phase 2

This section of the Putnam River Trail was constructed on an easement over YMCA property along the west side of the Quinebaug River from the truck bridge south to Technology Park Drive.

Truck bridge to YMCA – 800 feet – $130,000.00