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Thompson, CT

J & D provides engineering and planning services for many local municipal projects.  We have done conceptual and final engineering for roads, industrial parks, sidewalks, sewers, town halls, parks, and walking trails. J & D also provides project management and permitting services for several towns.

Putnam Municipal Complex

  • Performed site survey and conceptual site layouts in conjunction with LLB Architects.
  • Performed final design of parking, utilities, and drainage using LID techniques

For more information on this project, click here Putnam Municipal Building

Quinebaug Regional Technology Park

In 2013 Putnam proposed development of a regional technology park on 267 acres adjacent to I-395. Access to the site required construction of a new bridge across the Quinebaug River. It also required that water, sewer and other utilities be brought to the site. J & D Civil Engineer’s role in this project included:

  • Performed an A-2 survey of the phase 1 Industrial Park site (60 acres) which was bounded by the Quinebaug River and an old railroad and bisected by C L & P and Algonguin Gas easements.
  • Prepared a subdivision plan dividing the property into 6 lots along with preliminary site development and road plans.
  • Prepared plans to bring a 12″ water main and sewer line to the site
  • Obtained permits from Planning and Zoning and Inland Wetlands
  • Coordinated with C L & P, Algonquin Gas, Yankee Gas, water company and WPCA to bring utilities to the site
  • Coordinated with SHPO to provide archaeological easements
  • Coordinated with attorneys preparing the land donation, easement, access, utility, and maintenance of existing access agreements among the property owner, the town and the YMCA
  • acting as town engineer, coordinated the companies designing the bridge, the sewer pump station, the water main and the road, to ensure completion by the YMCA’s opening date

Other municipal projects that J & D has performed

  • Road Design and Transportation Engineering
    • Designed the realignment of the intersection of Cook Hill Road and Valley Road – Killingly, CT
  • Recreation Facilities
    • Performed site engineering and permitting for practice football field and middle school fields
    • Designed conceptual upgrades to Murphy Park and the high school athletic fields – Putnam, CT
  • Walking and Biking Trails
  • Hydrologic Studies, Hydraulic Engineering, Storm Water Management
    • Engineered the replacement of the culvert under Sand Dam Road – Thompson, CT
    • Designed the improvement of drainage structures on Bungay Hill Road – Woodstock, CT
  • Project Management
    • Prepared bidding documents for the reconstruction of Church St – Putnam, CT
    • Performed contract administration for the installation of sidewalk handicap ramps – Putnam, CT