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Thompson, CT

J&D provides engineering and planning services to many local municipalities.  We have done conceptual and final engineering for a number of projects including roads, sidewalks, sewers, town halls, parks, and walking trails. J&D also provides project management and permitting services for several towns. Some municipal projects that J&D has performed include:

  • Road Design and Transportation Engineering
    • Designed the realignment of the intersection of Cook Hill Road and Valley Road – Killingly, CT
  • Recreation Facilities
    • Performed site engineering and permitting for practice football field and middle school fields
    • Designed conceptual upgrades to Murphy Park and the high school athletic fields – Putnam, CT
  • Walking and Biking Trails
  • Putnam Municipal Building
    • Performed site survey and conceptual site layouts in conjunction with LLB Architects.
    • Performed final design of parking, utilities, and drainage using LID techniques
  • Hydrologic Studies, Hydraulic Engineering, Storm Water Management
    • Engineered the replacement of the culvert under Sand Dam Road – Thompson, CT
    • Designed the improvement of drainage structures on Bungay Hill Road – Woodstock, CT
  • Project Management
    • Prepared bidding documents for the reconstruction of Church St – Putnam, CT
    • Performed contract administration for the installation of sidewalk handicap ramps – Putnam, CT