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Thompson, CT

Commercial Site Development – Price Chopper Plaza

J&D performs engineering, permitting, and project management for a wide variety of commercial construction projects. We work collaboratively with many other professionals including planners, architects, environmental scientists, and mechanical engineers. Some of the various services we provide include:

  • Site Design
    • Select vertical and horizontal locations of major components – driveways, buildings, utilities, etc.
    • Ensure compliance with state and local regulations
    • Analyze topography and design grading
    • Provide construction details
  • Storm Water Management and Drainage
    • Perform hydrologic studies of watersheds
    • Model hydraulic structures – basins, weirs, outlets, etc.
    • Size pipes to handle design flows
    • Select appropriate catch basin locations and determine invert elevations
    • Design retention and detention basins to attenuate peak flows
    • Usage of Low Impact Development techniques (LID) to minimize environmental impacts
  • Roads and Parking Lots
    • Measurement and calculation of intersection sightlines
    • Design of roadway profiles and cross sections
    • Design of parking lots and traffic circulation patterns
    • Calculation of horizontal and vertical curves and spirals
  • Utility Connections, Drinking Water, and Septic Systems
    • Design of proposed sewer lines
    • Design of water mains or community water supplies
    • Design of large commercial septic systems
  • Permitting and Representation
    • Collaborate with town hall staff and various regulatory agencies
    • Interpret regulations, determine requirements, and complete paperwork
    • Give presentations and provide representation at various meetings
  • Project Management
    • Prepare plans for submission to various state and local permitting agencies
    • Prepare specifications for bidding
    • Contract administration – review bids, recommend awards, review shop drawings
    • Construction inspection


Commercial Project List

  • Hale YMCA – Putnam, CT
    • Designed access driveway and parking lots
    • Designed proposed site grading and drainage
  • The Mason House – Thompson, CT
    • Performed all site engineering for a new wedding venue
    • Designed and permitted a large septic system
  • Riverfront Commons Shopping Center (Price Chopper Plaza) – Putnam, CT
    • Performed site engineering to accommodate new buildings
    • Redesigned parking lots, access driveways, and drainage structures
  • The Anya Restaurant –  Thompson, CT.
    • Performed site engineering and parking lot design
    • Used Low Impact Design techniques to manage storm water